My boyfriend likes trees

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You know that moment just as the sun goes down the the sky is full of different colors and the sun is just out of sight? Now, in the Winter, that sight is even more captivating with with the leafless trees jutting through the gradient of blues, greys, and creams. Well, the bf seems to always catch it, look at me and say "You should put that on your nails!" I've been putting it off because I just wasn't quite sure how to capture the image. So I did a little search on the web and found this picture:


So what I did was painted a base of Private Viewing, then did a gradient using blue, grey, and white. Once that was a little dry I used my small nail art brush to draw the branches using mixes of black and brown to create a bark like effect. I wanted it to really look like i had little trees on my nails and not just wiggly lines all over them. I added a few birds on my ring finger to give the whole thing some life.

Sugar trees

And as usual, here are the colors I used:
Sugar trees
Orly blue Collar, Sinful Colors Nirvana, SC Snow Me White, Wet n' Wild Private Viewing, and Sally Hansen Black Out



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