My Ever Growing Collection!

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013

Well guys, as of right now I have 141 bottles of nail polish, not including base coats and top coats. Considering I only had maybe 10 a year ago, that's a lot. As my collection grew and grew I found I needed a way to organize and know which colors are which. I decided to use swatch sticks that I bought on ebay for a few bucks. Now, some of mine are clear, and some are a cream color, usually that would bug me but I got the clear ones in a reddit swap and decided to use them anyway. At some point I want to redo all the labeling because the permanent marker fades.

So here is the whole collection, I put them on those little binder rings to separate them by color and to make it easier to add new ones!

Pinks (15):

Reds (10):

Oranges & Yellows (17):

Greens (16):

Blues (24):

Purples (12):

Browns, Nudes, & Golds (14):

Whites, Greys, & Blacks (17):

Glitters (16):

Hope you guys like it, if you have any questions or want to know whats some colors are just let me know.



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